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Electric Cleaner Company is an all american company located in the state of  Wisconsin with a skilled workforce averaging 15 years building  renowned Animal Dryers. All of their products offer powder coated steel housings and a full 2 year warranty on all non-variable speed dryers and 1 year on variable speed product.. From the smallest single motor K9 dryers to the most powerful two motor K-9 III you can’t go wrong. K-9 dog dryers are the largest selling brand made in the USA. We are an authorized service center, please contact us direct for information or assistance with parts or repairs 800-869-8225.

K9 dog dryers are called  force or high velocity dryers. They dry by creating a large volume of high velocity air that blows water off the animal and evaporates the remaining moisture. These dryers do not have heating elements, they would be useless due to the speed of the air passing over it. The air is heated by the motors, as the air passes over the motor it picks up the heat from the motors both cooling the motors and heating the discharge air. The K9 I, Mini and Fluffer raise the temperature 5°- 10° above room temperature, K9 II 15°- 25° above room temperature, and K9 III 5°- 15° above room temp.